Why Capitol?

Why come to Capitol?  What is the Capitol difference?  Hear what our former students have to say:

Aynsley Wernick, class of 2010:

Throughout high school I knew I wanted to live and breathe hair. I went into school with a positive attitude and rocked it out. 13 months later the day came; I was official. I am currently working at Scissori’s Salon and Skincare Loft alongside Tina Spencer. She has so much to offer and I have learned a lot already. Being truly passionate about what I do, I am quickly climbing the ladder in the industry. I have big dreams of being a well-known hair artist for fashion. Thanks to Capitol, I know I will be successful. Thank you everyone that crossed my path and for everyone who pushed me to be the best!

Maggie Swartz, class of 2009:

I started at Capitol in the beginning of 08′. After looking at many schools I chose capitol because I heard it was one of the top hair schools in the nation. I moved from Illinois to be able to attend. Capitol is definatly of higher quality education and is not for everyone. You need to have a strong passion for hair and be ready to work hard and have the instructors push you. Capitol is stricter than a lot of schools but it helps you obtain vital work habits to make you successful such as, being on time and dressing and looking professional. After graduating in 09′ I worked for a wonderful man, Seth Revord who helped me learn what it meant to be a good business women. He taught me the basics of what a successful stylist is. I owe a lot of my success to my teachers at Capitol and to Seth. I know I wouldn’t be where i am today without their support. Currently I have been doing hair less than 2 years and am purchasing my very own salon at the end of this month! I hope this helps future students in their decision and perhaps ill be hearing from some of you in the future for potential employment!

Janet Klein, Esthetics class of 2009:

As a Licensed Massage Therapist of 15 years, I was looking for a new way to provide exceptional service to my clients. Enrolling in the Esthetics program at Capitol was the best way to accomplish that! In only 6 months I was able achieve the training I needed to expand my business and introduce new services to my already accomplished massage therapy practice. My clients loved the new addition of esthetic services!

Kristy Briggs, class of 2010:

I’m so blessed to have graduated from Capitol…Thanks again for everything!! You guys really prepare your students for the industry..I LOVE YOU GUYS!

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