45 Reasons You Know You Are A Capitol Esthetics Student


45 Reasons You Know You Are A Capitol Esthetics Student

45 Reasons You Know You Are A Capitol Esthetics Student

In the spirit of a recent post about our hair students, we thought it would be fitting to poke fun at our Esthetics students. Being an Esthetics student in a Cosmetology world can be pretty challenging.

The Cozi students tend to require a lot of attention. We tend to think of our department as the zoo and theirs is the library. To tell you the truth we really don’t know what goes on back there in the Esthetics Department.

Those Esthi’s are just so dang quiet.

I mean is there even anyone back there?

To let us know a little more about themselves, they came up with this list of 45 reasons you know you are a Capitol Esthetics students.

  1. When you hear red, yellow, or blue and instantly hear Mrs. Bailey singing the “Primary Color Song”.
  2. When you no longer make eye contact and only make “eye brow contact”.
  3. When you can’t help but to stare at an awful set of eyebrows.
  4. When you beg your friends, family, and significant others to let you pop their zits!
  5. When you’ve seen more naked body parts in a day than a doctor has.
  6. When you sneeze and spray tan solution comes out of your nose.
  7. When you have hand prints of waxing powder permanently on your butt.
  8. When you start to say names with a funky accent after hearing Paula call them over the intercom 500x
  9. When you cringe at the sight of Mary Kay.
  10. When you ask your friends if they have a chicken at home after they tell you they pluck a lot.
  11. When you tell everyone to say “tweeze” instead of “pluck”.
  12. When you pull your pants down in the middle of the hallway to ask if your Brazilian is long enough to wax.
  13. When having hairy underarms is the norm.
  14. When you bleed Scooters instead of blood.
  15. When your monthly Scooter’s bill is just as high as your monthly tuition
  16. When you walk out of class and aren’t sure if that funky smell is a perm or poop
  17. When you’ve alphabetized so many files in one day you actually start to forget what the actual alphabet is.
  18. When someone says their using Apricot Scrub you’re heart stops and jaw drops.
  19. When you “polish” your nails and “paint” your walls.
  20. When nudity no longer bothers you.
  21. When you literally own every single skin care product the school sells.
  22. When you have so many products in your drawer you’ll never be able to use them all before they expire.
  23. When someone snoring in your face is a compliment.
  24. When you take a survey that has a scale from 1-5 you instantly think of chemical peels.
  25. When you only refer to your chest as your décolleté.
  26. When good extractions turn a bad day into a good day.
  27. When bugs splatter on your windshield you instantly think of pustules hitting the loupe.
  28. When you smile to yourself every time you give a lip wax client a blue “fu-man-chu”.
  29. When you eat in your car for the first weeks of freshman training because the cosmetology students scare you in the break room.
  30. When you’ve dressed a manikin up in a bed like a real-live person to scare anyone you can.
  31. When you find pleasure in the pain waxing causes people.
  32. When you put thought into which underwear to put on for wax class.
  33. When you’ve worn disposable underwear as a bra.
  34. When you discover how many nose hairs you actually have after you’ve waxed it for the first time.
  35. When you’ve had twelve people staring at your butt for waxing class.
  36. When you get your hair colored way too many times because it’s so convenient.
  37. When you forget to shave/wax your legs for an important event because you’re so used to growing them out.
  38. When you forget what your real name is.
  39. When you do more laundry at school then you do at home.
  40. When you find wax in your hair.
  41. When you cut your hair short because you’re sick of wearing pony tails.
  42. When you find nail polish all over your clothes.
  43. When you have more nick names than you can remember.
  44. When you run for your life to clock in on time.
  45. When you have to kiss Kleenex to prove you’re wearing nude lipstick.

Keep being awesome at what you do! Changing the world, one face at a time.

We would love to hear some of your reasons.

Feel free to share in the comment section below.

If you are interested in attending Esthetics School, check us out by clicking here > ESTHETICS

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