69 Reasons You Know You Are A Capitol Hair School Student


Hair School Student

69 Reasons You Know You Are A Capitol Hair School Student

There are many things that make us unique. Being a hair school student takes a special breed. If you are an alumni, current or future hair school student, you may be able to relate to some of the things we came up with. Enjoy the 69 reasons you know you are a Capitol hair school student.


  1. You look into your closet and you realize, that black is the new black.


  1. Because you forgot to use gloves, when people look at your hands, they secretly wonder if you just murdered someone.


  1. A sharpie marker is part of your wardrobe.


  1. Band-Aids are a part of your wardrobe.


  1. You ask for super glue when you cut yourself.


  1. Your current hair color is hiding the last 10 hair color decisions.


  1. When you hear a dry, stale joke you instantly think, “I have to remember to tell Mr. Mike.”


  1. When a client is late and you get excited, because you can finally eat.


  1. When you sit down to eat and you hear your name paged because your client arrived.


  1. You know that hair you found in your food was one you brought into the restaurant with you.


  1. You eat the food anyways.


  1. The products under your sink must have had babies.


  1. You’ve used a flat iron on your clothes.


  1. Your friends and family can’t wait for you to get home from school and your evening job, so you can do their hair.


  1. After 12 years of primary education, you finally understand the color wheel.


  1. You have an entire wardrobe in your car, just in case what you’re wearing isn’t in dress code.


  1. The student on your left and right have heard you tell the same story 5 times in one day.


  1. You judge every haircut that you see in the mall (movies, church, restaurant, coffee shop,…)


  1. You find hair in places on your body that it shouldn’t be growing.


  1. You know what a hair sliver is.


  1. You can identify each hairspray by taste.


  1. When you go on vacation, you need a separate piece of luggage for your hair products.


  1. It seems like you always have outgrowth.


  1. You can get lost in a mirror for hours.


  1. When you go out in public without your hair and makeup on, you spend more energy trying to disguise yourself than it would take to just do your hair and makeup.


  1. You’ve used the terms Peek-A-Blue or Pink-A-Boo.


  1. You run into a client outside of school and they duck and cover because they don’t have their hair done.


  1. People wonder why you always have lots of one dollar bills and certain people call you by a different name.


  1. You come back to your station and your (perm comb, clipper comb, cape…) is now missing and you forgot to put your name on it.


  1. When a client asks the question, “How long have you been on the floor?” you have to get real creative.


  1. You blink and you’ve been attacked by the Towel Ninja. Who is it and how do they do it with all those mirrors around?


  1. You have had to service one or more of Capitol’s “Special Clients.”


  1. You begin to sweat when the client has tapped her screen for the hundredth time, trying to make sure she looks just like the picture she showed you during the consultation.


  1. You have experienced shampoo bowl panic. Is it supposed to look like this?


  1. You feel a pit in your stomach when the client tells the instructor, “I asked for a Senior!”


  1. You start naming everyday colors in level and tone.


  1. You’ve had to wait for an instructor for anything.


  1. Lock-up does not mean jail to you.


  1. You know that “Your client bled.” does not mean she needs a Band-Aid.


  1. You take money out of your smock to pay for lunch and a chunk of hair the size of a small rodent falls out.


  1. You have ordered Jimmy John’s delivery even though it’s half a block away. (If only Scooters delivered, sigh..)


  1. You try to wear leggings with holes because your mom didn’t do your Capitol laundry.


  1. You’ve had to censor your playlist in level class.


  1. Cholesterol is not found in your blood, it’s for manikins.


  1. You no longer have a personal bubble.


  1. You love saying to people, “I have a license to touch.”


  1. You have experienced the client shampoo bowl moan.


  1. You have been creeped out when you shampoo someone and they lock eyes with you the whole time.


  1. You have “V” shaped scars in the place between your fingers where Band-Aids don’t fit.


  1. You wake up in a sweat after hearing Mrs. Strong say in your dream, “More goop…”


  1. You look back at your Instagram from when you were in freshman class and you start deleting the pictures of your work.


  1. You have lost a manikin sheet.


  1. You come back to school the next day and your manikin roller set is gone.


  1. After a session in freshman class you rush to your phone to find 1200 notifications.


  1. After melting your fingerprints off with bleach, you seriously consider what crime you can commit now that they are gone. (Don’t do it, they use DNA.)


  1. You come to school and there are socks, underwear and bras hanging from the ceiling. It would be ridiculous if it weren’t a drive for the homeless.


  1. You go to put your food in the fridge and there is no room.


  1. You are no longer late to other appointment because it makes you so mad when your clients do it to you.


  1. Not getting a tip means no lunch.


  1. You wonder why the vending machine has Pepsi but only Diet Coke.


  1. You start tipping 20% no matter what because Karma.


  1. You’ve had to dump out a whole bowl of color because it was supposed to be demi-permanent.


  1. You’ve had a client take the comb out of your hand to show you how the last student did it.


  1. When a client asks for 7 layers and you think to yourself, “That’s bean dip, not a haircut.”.


  1. You have lost control of the hose when shampooing and sprayed 5 to 10 people.


  1. You have had to deal with a mom who refuses to leave until the toddler’s hair is perfect.


  1. You’ve suffered from braid cramp.


  1. You’ve hidden your blow-dryer under your smock to keep you warm for over an hour.


  1. You’ve made someone’s day, which in turn has made it all worth it.

Keep being awesome at what you do! Changing the world, one head of hair at a time.

We would love to hear some of your reasons.

Feel free to share in the comment section below.

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