Jindilli. Jiiiiindillllli. That’s a fun name!

Have you walked past our retail shelves in the past few months wondering “what are those beautiful bottles over there all about”? Well my friends, Jindilli just happens to be our NEW exclusive body spa line! Enriched with pure macadamia oil, these products are simply d.e.v.i.n.e.

jindilli cookies

Having a fun time saying Jindilli out loud? Unique name, but what does Jindilli mean exactly? Jinidilli is actually a word used by Australians for macadamia. You learn something new everyday!

This beautiful company prides itself with it’s family owned macadamia farms close to the Australian surf breaks near Byron Bay. With highly concentrated amounts of pure macadamia oil, Jindilli is sure to please.  Their luxurious line includes products for treatments as well as at home retail products.  Allow us to pamper your skin with one of our famous body wraps or treatments and you can continue to pamper yourself at home!


Morgan & Cherie from Jindilli visiting Capitol!

So what’s all the hype about? Why is [macadamia oil] better than other oils I’ve used?  As we age, our natural sebum (oil) production slows down.  The less natural oil our body is providing for itself, the drier our skin gets.  The drier our skin gets, the older it looks.  It begins to thin, droop, and just look down right sad.  Keeping your skin properly exfoliated and hydrated is an essential key to keeping youthful looking skin.


“Macadamia oil is the closest botanical oil to human sebum. Macadamia oil is highly penetrative.” –Jindilli

So how do I use Jindilli?  Can I try it?  Of course you can.  Capitol offers a variety of services that include our exclusive Jindilli products.  From manicures and pedicures, to full body scrubs and back/body treatments, Jindilli is sure to delight in your skin.

Call today to schedule your appointment! We can’t wait to pamper you!402.333.3329


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