Tell Us Your Stories



Tell Us Your Stories

When a student graduates from Capitol, we believe they can go anywhere and do anything.

Former students feel a strong connection to the school and often times stay in close contact with us. We love it when graduates come back to visit! It’s amazing to hear stories about all the places they’ve gone, and the opportunities that they have been able to participate in.

Here are some stories from some of our alumni:

I am a graduate of both the Cosmetology and the Instructors training program. After graduation, I moved to Chicago and worked for Pivot Point International world headquarters as an International Educator for many years. Next I moved to Washington DC and was Director of Education for Graham Webb Academy of Hair. This was at both the US and London campuses. I have worked in sales and marketing, was a photo stylist, worked on movies and theatre creating hair services. It has been awesome traveling the world thanks to being a hair designer. Currently, I am working as the National Sales Manager for Redken Professional in their Spa Division.

John Calabretto Graduate 1987


I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since I’ve graduated from Capitol. Time flies when you are having fun. I chose Capitol because there is no other school like it. The education I received from them is top notch and you will find it no where else. I’ve taught classes in numerous beauty schools throughout the South East and nothing even comes close to touching Capitol’s reputation and talent. I never have and never will regret my education from Capitol and am a very proud graduate. My experience at Capitol was one of the best times of my life. Granted, I was not the ideal student, but I turned out to be a pretty darn good hairstylist, if I do say so myself. What are some successes that I have achieved in my career? I’ve worked and done hair from coast to coast. I worked for Bed Head for about 6 years and was an educator for them as well as one of their Artistic Directors for their Scottsdale Arizona location. I have done numerous photo shoots, runway shows, and some hair for television. I recently graduated from the University of Arizona, with a Bachelors Degree in Design Technology for Theatre. I have designed numerous wig and hair styles for theatre productions. I am currently living in Los Angeles and working for Disneyland Resorts in their entertainment department working with their Pixar Play Parade. My future goal is to work with Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas working in their wig and makeup department. I’ve been very fortunate in my 15 year career and could not have done all of it without the help from everyone at Capitol. I’m forever grateful.

Beau Hamilton Graduate 2000


It is crazy to think that I graduated 12 years ago from Capitol. I have the best memories from my time there. After graduation in 2003, I worked in several salons, gaining experience behind the chair and making contacts in the local film and theater industry. To sharpen my skills and gain a foothold in the West Coast market, I moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in Makeup Designory (MUD). This is a school specializing in hair and makeup design for the film industry. After graduation, I stayed in Los Angeles, focusing my energies on developing film and theater contacts by volunteering for student films, aspiring photographers’ photo shoots, local ballets, and more. In 2008, nervous but hopeful that I had gained the knowledge and experience necessary to be able to freelance from my hometown, I moved back to Omaha. Since my return I have expanded my work to include hair and makeup for film, music videos, fashion and commercials. In 2012, I opened a boutique salon, The Cutting Room, where I accept private clients who generously encourage my freelance schedule and out-of-town film projects. I have worked on everything from a Lady Gaga music video; to Larry the Cable guy Prilosec commercials, as well as over 75 shows with the Broadway music Wicked and other Broadway musicals as well. I was able to do hair for director Alexander Payne on the movie “Nebraska.” It did well at many film festivals and was nominated for six Academy Awards. I cannot believe all of the wonderful projects I have been fortunate to work on. Capitol helped me build my skills and confidence to make it in this industry. I think of Mr.McCaig often and hope he would be proud.

Melanie Rose Smith Graduate 2003


He would be proud Melanie!

Mr. McCaig was Capitol’s Owner, Director & Lead Instructor.  He taught thousands of hair school students in Omaha over the span of 5 decades.  We’re working on a future article to celebrate the impact Mr. McCaig had on the beauty industry – both around the Omaha area and internationally!


What is your story?  Share your experiences with us:

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One thought on “Tell Us Your Stories

  1. Neyo

    I first graduated from university of Minnesota with a bachelor degree in “global studies” and at the same time like doing hair on the side. I Though cosmetology degree will be a good idea and Im so happy I didn’t do it in MInnesota, vatterot, xenon( places I checked before Capitol) but Capitol . The first time I step my feet at Capitol, i knew right away this is the place for me. Miss champion was the first one I talk to in the office and I felt like I’ve known her for so long . Mr Mike, is such a nice, talented, fun person to work with. The care I received from all the staff was amaaaaaazing. I just graduated 2 weeks ago (11-11-2015) and I don’t regret choosing Capitol over other school. I will go again, and again if I have another opportunity. And I can do hair anywhere in the US without going back to school with Capitol degree. ” not everybody can graduate from Capitol” so cheer for all graduates out there.


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