Acne Transformation

Meet Sarah! Our acne transformation of 2015! Here’s what Sarah’s skin looked like back in August.


Sarah came to us about 2.5 months ago frustrated with her acne.  Something we really love doing here within the Esthetics department here at Capitol is working on acne clients.  Nothing is more exciting than a client walking in and seeing a noticeable improvement with their skin.


Have acne?  We can help!

We asked a few things from Sarah when she signed up for our case study program.

  1. Use our skincare, and only our skincare.
  2. Use the products only as instructed.
  3. Be excited for awesome results.

Now, as I stated earlier, we’ve only been working on Sarah’s skin for about 2.5 months.  Wondering what we did in that short amount of time?  You’ll be surprised to hear that it wasn’t anything aggressive.

Facials.  Facials.  Facials.

For five weeks we had her come in for weekly customized facials.  We mixed and matched our Image Skincare products to best suit what was going on with her skin each week.  We did put her on some of our Clear Cell Acne products which can be a bit drying.  We combated the dryness with hydrating products without breaking out her skin.  Say what?  If you have oily or acne skin, you still need hydration.  Most clients claim that they don’t wear moisturizers because it makes them feel oilier.  You need to break up with your moisturizer if this is the case.  It’s them, not you.

The key to finding a great moisturizer that works for your skin TYPE is having a professional assist in the selection! We’re here to help with that.  Not all moisturizers are created equal, and there are plenty of moisturizers in the sea.

No moisturizer’s feelings were hurt in the making of this blog post.

Got it?  Good.  So, back to Sarah.

  • 6 facials spread 1 week apart
  • 2 Signature Facelift peels spaced 2 weeks apart
  • Professional skincare recommended by a skincare professional (this is KEY)


We’re thrilled with this before and after of Sarah and we’re really excited to have the acne under control.  We will be shifting our focus with products and services to target the pigmentation that the acne has left behind.  Stay tuned!

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