Cosmetology School Field Trip

Field Trip

Joslyn Art Museum

Some of the most memorable times in school center around field trips.

Why should hair school be any different? At least once a year Capitol sends our students to downtown Omaha, to visit the Joslyn Art Museum. Because of a generous contribution from Warren Buffet, admission is free which makes it easy for anyone to attend.


Cosmetology is a career field that relies heavily on artistic principles to create beautiful hair for our clients. We have an entire theory subject dedicated to art and principles of art. Also there are several practical classes that allow our students to exercise what they have learned, stretching their minds and capabilities. A trip to an art museum seems like a perfect addition to our curriculum.


Students will pick a particular piece of artwork and write a paper about why it inspires them. It is always interesting to see what piece each student will pick, revealing a little more about their personalities. There are various types of art that they can choose from such as paintings, sculptures and photography.


We hope students will appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating a masterpiece. This is a such great lesson, no matter what the medium. Whether an artist is working with oil, marble or strands of hair. Our goal is to have students look for things that will flip a creative switch in their minds. Then transfer that to their hands the next time they are molding and shaping the fabric that grows out of clients’ heads.

Field Trip

Georges Antoine Rochegrosse (French, 1859-1938), Salome Dancing Before King Herod, 1887, oil on canvas, Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska, Gift of Francis T.B. Martin, 1953.239

My personal favorite piece is Salome Dancing Before King Herod. The detail in this painting is amazing and I feel like I am actually in the room watching Salome dance for King Herod. I can’t imagine the hours spent on creating a painting, able to transport a viewer to a different place and time.

Field Trip

Edwin Lord Weeks (American, 1849-1903), Indian Barbers, Saharanpore, ca. 1895, oil on canvas, Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska, Friends of Art Collection, 1932.22

This piece always draws me in. A glimpse into the roots of our industry. Times have changed and we practice Cosmetology under different conditions, thank goodness. It is always interesting seeing what we do depicted in art.

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