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After completing an intensive eight week freshman training program, our newest level one seniors can finally say, “We’ve made it!” They’ve been subjected to so much information, a multitude of techniques and so many tests. It’s all over.


The next step in their training is to shadow the advanced seniors for a week. During this time, students observe the inner workings of the clinic, how it operates, where to find products and equipment. Being familiar with clinic operations will prepare them for the next stage of their hair school evolution, becoming seniors themselves. As seniors, our students get hands-on training in one of the biggest salons in Omaha.


As the tenth week approaches, nerves begin kick in. New seniors can be heard saying things to the instructors like, “I have a new client on Monday, and you’re going to be there the whole time right?”


On the day that they actually start to serve real clients, the training kicks in. Sure, there are still nerves and there are a few things that each student may need some guidance or assistance on. However, our staff is always blown away by the quality of work, the level of excellence and the dedication to perform to the best of their ability. I personally stand back and think, “I am so proud of these guys!”


It is so wonderful to be able to give directions to a student and know that it will turn out as discussed in the consultation. Although the first eight weeks may seem overwhelming at times or it may feel like a boot camp to some, everything has a purpose. This purpose is manifested every day on the clinic floor and in each one of our fifty individual stations.


The following eleven months of training are more like an on-the-job-training scenario. Our clinic operates like any salon in Omaha. The services performed are realistic, modern and up-to-date with the current fashion trends. The staff maintains a level of continuing education and advanced classes to make sure we stay on top of what’s happening in our industry.


We also bring in professional educators to train the students first hand. What better way to learn something than from the sources themselves. This also provides an opportunity for our students to network with big name industry professionals, making the connections that can shape their future. Many times the training is led by former students. It seems as if they love to come back when ever they can.


Capitol also has a career fair in which students are able to meet salon owners and managers face-to-face. This allows them to see what types of salons are looking to hire a new stylist upon graduating. Once again this provides another networking opportunity for our future professionals.


One of the biggest compliments to Capitol is when salon owners say they love hiring our students. One of the reasons is because Capitol we have a great reputation for producing skilled, knowledgeable and fashion forward stylists. Graduates are know for being more than capable and set themselves apart from the rest.


We set the bar high and we strive to achieve this level of excellence with each student. Making sure they are prepared for the salon is our number one priority.


Of course it is a team effort. The staff recognizes that each student lives up to and exceeds every expectation that is laid out before them. It is so hard, but at the end of the day, it is so worth it.


We all love what we do!


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