Show Me The Money



Show Me The Money.

At Capitol, we strive to have our students graduate fully prepared and ready to excel in a salon.

With the commitment of the staff behind this mission, students have the potential to earn a great deal of money working behind the chair or in a spa.

We are proud to offer classes that aren’t just taught out of a textbook.

We’ve done the research to see what salons are looking for in a stylist. From that knowledge we constantly update and tailor our curriculum. Capitol makes sure we are sending our graduates into the industry, not only ready, but leaps and bounds ahead.

Our classes cover aspects of our industry that are relevant to current salon trends. Of course we still teach the basics. The foundations of all techniques have to be learned, to grasp the advanced training.

Some of the other classes that we teach are not industry specific, but relate to ensure they are successful.

One example is the Art of Design chapter.

It in this class that students learn about the principles of art and how to apply them to hair. It gives them a different perspective when providing services to each client.

Each and every time we cut, color, apply makeup, or create an Image, people ask for our advice. Our decisions must be based on the benchmarks of good design.

Another class that we are proud to teach is Foundations in Personal Finance.

This particular class is geared towards college students and was created by Ramsey Solutions. A company founded by finance guru Dave Ramsey.

This class teaches students; the importance of saving and investing, what debt is, how it is marketed and abused, the benefits of budgeting and how to create one.

Some of the specific topics are:

  1. The 7 “Baby Steps”
  2. Reasons for saving
  3. Understanding compound interest
  4. Benefits of a fully funded emergency fund
  5. Understanding what a sinking fund is
  6. What debt is
  7. Marketing traps
  8. Steps to get out of debt (debt snowball)
  9. Credit card vs. debit card
  10. Step by step account of expenditures
  11. How to find money leaks in income
  12. Financial priorities
  13. Envelope system
  14. Budgeting for regular and irregular income

It is our belief that, the individual who understands how to handle money will be an asset to an employer. When an employee has their finances in order, they are less likely to be the type to, “just show up for a paycheck.” Showing up because you love what you do creates a wonderful environment for everyone involved.

It has been said, “If you love what you do, the money will come.”

We show the students what to do with that money.

Just one more reason you should pick Capitol Schools.

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