Who are You? A New Identity.


Who are you? A new identity.

Who are you?

A new identity.

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a new identity? What would you have to do to get one?

Witness relocation program…

Undercover police…

International spy…

What about signing up for Cosmetology or Esthetics School?

How does something like a technical school change your identity?

Good question.

When a student signs up to go to school, there is a possibility that someone who is already enrolled may share the same first name. This poses a problem when a client needs to make an appointment or when a tip is left at the desk. It also creates a situation in which multiple students with the same or similar name come to the desk when called for an appointment.

On the first day of school, students get to select a new name in order to solve this problem. It is always very interesting to see what names they pick for themselves. Sometimes it reflects their personality. Other times a favorite car, gemstone, state or family member. It can get real interesting.

Because these students are with us for a little over a year, their school identity becomes the name that we remember for life. There are the lucky few that get to keep their own name and so their after-hair-school-life is a pretty easy transition.

When we see them at annual hair shows and call them by their “school name” they always respond. However, it takes them back to their glory days in our program.

We have students coming from every walk of life:

  • The “I’ve always wanted to do this my whole life” person.
  • Professional career changes.
  • Former medical professionals wanting to help people in a different way.
  • Students with college degrees.
  • Students who decided college was not for them.
  • Just out of high school.
  • The seventeen year old that graduated early.

You can imagine the dynamic of such an eclectic group. But, that is what makes the world an interesting place.

In most cases, the following statement is true, “What you do does not make you who you are.” But what if what you do changes the lives of others. It wouldn’t be hard to have pride in that identity.

Humans crave relationship and as service professionals, we can provide that. When someone comes to visit, especially if they return for more services, we have the chance to open a door for long-lasting relationships.

We don’t just take care of their hair, skin and nails, we listen to them. Over time, we hear about their; wins, losses, strengths, weaknesses, weddings, births and funerals. They introduce us to their, spouses, children, extended family, friends, and co-workers.

If we’re in it for the long haul, we grow up and grow old together. It seems strange to think that this can happen from just one visit, but our loyal clients become a part of our lives forever.

Something we hear most students say is that school has changed them in some way.

We get to be image crafters, day makers and life changers.

This is who we are.

If you are interested in attending Cosmetology School, check us out by clicking here > COSMETOLOGY

If you are interested in attending Esthetics School, check us out by clicking here > ESTHETICS


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