Capitol Loves Guest Artists

Guest Artists

Capitol loves guest artists.

Capitol loves guest artists!

Capitol has a long tradition of inviting stylists, salons and product companies to teach classes for our students. With great pride, a large number of these guest artists are graduates from Capitol Schools.


Having industry professionals engage with our school helps both the students and staff stays on top of the latest trends and techniques. It’s one of the ways we can stay in tune with what is current in our industry.


It also gives our students access to salon owners and stylists who may one day be their boss. This is a perfect networking opportunity, for both the salons and students.


Another benefit is that students can ask questions to find out what is expected of them once they graduate. Real time answers to their questions from the people that are in the trenches. They have the experience and know what the look for in a new hire.


One of our regular guests is Kirby Keomesay owner of Kontempo Salon in Omaha. He recently came in to teach and interact with our level four students. While showing the class how to achieve a modern “Lob”, Kirby talked about the things that make his business successful.


At Kontempo, new hires go through the assisting program. This program evolves as the stylist does. Starting out, stylists learn the reception process and assist the higher level stylists.


Something that sets them apart, is that a new stylist has time, dedicated to serving their personal clients, while in the assistant program.


Kirby mentioned that in any tech / assistant position, lots of questions should be asked. It is the only way to learn how things work out the way they do and it’s a good way to get into the mind of the senior stylists.


Katie Straw, a recent Capitol graduate, told students that while working at Kontempo she has learned quite a few new techniques. Mainly, some faster foiling procedures and doing a perfect blowout.


Kirby suggests, using different patterns in your highlights in order to keep it interesting and to keep others from replicating your work. He also believes that all services should be done in no longer than forty-five minutes from start to finish.


Another topic that came up in discussion was social media.


Kirby is a huge believer in utilizing social accounts like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat for major self promotion. Using these platforms to showcase your work can help to show your current clients what you’re capable of. It also increases the potential to gain new clients.  One of the best things about social media is that it’s free.


An interesting takeaway from Kirby is, when posting pictures, make sure to geotag your salon. Also tag clients, product companies, and trade organizations like Modern Salon on the actual picture. This puts your work out there in a big way and is more effective than putting their names in the comments.


Capitol is blessed to have so many graduates that are willing to come back and share. They all want to help our students start out on a successful path.


Who made an impact on you when you were attending school?

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