Capitol Says Farewell To Clarice Zomer


Clarice Zomer

Capitol says farewell to Clarice Zomer

With over forty years of service to Capitol Schools as a Cosmetology Instructor, Clarice Zomer began a new life journey, starting with a well deserved retirement.

Capitol was founded in 1923 which means, Clarice was employed for half of Capitol’s existence. Working in any career for that length of time, is unheard of these days. That just goes to show the level of dedication that Ms. Zomer has to this industry and to Capitol Schools.

With an average of seventy-five graduates a year, Ms. Zomer has been instrumental in launching new stylists into the Cosmetology industry, to the total of around three and a half thousand people. That’s a lot of lives touched. When I say touched, if you’ve experienced the infamous Zomer hug, you know what I’m talking about.

On her last day as a staff member Ms. Zomer gave a speech to the last student body that she would have the pleasure teaching. Of course, in Zomer fashion the speech was entertaining and had props.

Some excerpts from her speech.

Capitol is a unique group of people and they are like a family. It is not something you can explain, it is only something you can feel or experience.

  • Clarice Zomer

Things that I’m going to miss.

  • Encouraging students, helping them set goals and being a cheerleader.
  • Formulating color and starting chemicals.
  • Watching students develop into successful stylists.
  • The receptionists. They are always positive and caring, as well as being the first impression that a client receives. Don’t ever forget that your best friend in the salon had better be the receptionist. They set the tone for each appointment and indirectly affect your paycheck.
  • Many of our very special clients, who have become like friends.
  • Always checking in with Cheri and Scott to make sure they knew that I was here in the morning.
  • Eating lunch with Cheri and the rest of the team.
  • Hugs! I’m a hugger, and I probably shouldn’t be, but that’s just the way I am. Just remember, when you give a hug, you get a hug.
  • Participating in community service as well as organizing things like, Open Door Mission projects, and nursing home visits.

Things that I’m not going to miss.

  • Going to students’ appeal meetings.
  • Snow days.
  • Asking students to get their hair done, their makeup on and what salon they are going to work for
  • Having clients or husbands yelling at me.
  • Filling the toilet tissue in the bathroom stalls, every time I’d go in there it was empty.
  • Cleaning tint off the floor on my hands and knees, and cleaning out tint bowls in dispense.
  • Cleaning color stains out of clients clothes for hours and hours.
  • Having to stay past 8 p.m. after the school is closed.
  • Getting up early.


When a student graduates from Capitol, they get a congratulatory announcement over the intercom system. Not to dismiss the fact that Ms. Zomer was finally “graduating” from Cosmetology school, she received her own special shout out.

The following Sunday afternoon, Capitol Schools held an open house inviting; staff, students, graduates, clients, friends and family to come congratulate her. Over two hundred people showed up and stood in a line that weaved through the front entrance, all the way into the parking lot outside. It was awesome to see all the years represented in the crowd.

When asked what she plans to do now that she is retired, Clarice said that she plans to travel a bit and stay connected to Capitol Schools.

We thought it would be interesting to share some of the comments from our Facebook Event Page

There will be no other like Miss Zomer! Thank you for your many years of service! I will not forget all your great teaching while I attended Capitol School and the support I have received from you in the many years to follow. Enjoy your retirement Clarice!

  • Carol Holaday Cole

Congratulations Ms. Zomer! You were my favorite! May the sunshine you always spoke of in color follow you everywhere!

  • Amanda Steiger Kirkpatrick

Congrats, to many years of producing top notch stylists! I still use the term “yummy” for certain hair colors.

  • Abbie Herron Thompson

Ms. Zomer is someone I will never forget! I’ll make sure to “have my lips on”.

  • Brenda Poulsen Myers

Congratulations Ms. Zomer! I just don’t know how Capitol will go on without you! I thank you for you sharing your education and wisdom with us all! I will see you there! Enjoy!

  • Jeannie Larson-Armendariz

Awww Ms. Zomer….. I can’t believe this day is finally here. I couldn’t have asked for better instructor while I was in beauty school. You always know how to keep us going with your great sense of humor and dedication to all your students.

  • Viri Sanchez (Alexandria)

Ms. Zomer, I was so fortunate to have you and so was my daughter Jessica! You are fun, witty and a classy lady! Great times at Capitol! I wish you a wonderful retirement!

  • Mary Jane Ingram

Today an icon of Omaha hair retired from Capitol School of Hairstyling and Esthetics. If you’ve had your hair colored in Omaha in the past 40 years, she’s probably played a part in your formula. She missed 4 unscheduled days off at Capitol in all that time. “Bubbly” is the first word most would use to describe her personality. Always a joy. She’s touched so many stylists, salon owners, educators, and clients’ lives through her education over the years; it’s surely affected something your stylist does. For over two hours straight they lined up to pay their respects and thank today. She’s on the short list of those that have dramatically made a difference in my education. Most on that list can no longer be found here on earth but in bits and pieces in mine and other’s work. Her words still ring true in my ear every time I mix a color. Thank you so very much Clarice Zomer. The likes of you we will not see again. Don’t forget to clock out!

  • Tom Sena
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