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How to Survive the Summer Heat


How to survive the summer heat

By: Marcie Morris

Summer is finally here! And living is easy, but not for your hair. Heat from the sun degrades the protective protein in hair—which oxidizes the color to a brassy hue, wipes out shine, and leaves locks brittle. On top of that, UV rays, follicle-frizzing humidity, and moisture-zapping chlorine and saltwater can parch your ‘do. Here are a few tips to help keep your summer tresses in order:


  1. Keep conditioning: Just as our body needs water to survive, our hair needs to replenish its moisture to stay healthy. Conditioner for the hair acts just like water to the body. It replenishes lost moisture from chemicals and products we put into the hair. So if you have become a dry shampoo fan just like all the rest of us, try adding a deep conditioner to help retain moisture.Summer
  2. Use a thermal protectant: Make sure when styling hair you are using a great thermal protectant. Adding more heat to the hair will stress out the tresses so making sure the proper product is being used will help on damage. There are a lot of these products now that are UV safe and actually help block out the rays.Summer


  1. Take it easy: Take a break from doing blowouts and try letting your natural hair and texture be released. The best thing about summer is playing around with your natural curl and having a just left the beach look. Also try having a loose braid or fishtail.Summer
  2. Lower the heat: Summer is great for letting your hair air-dry. If you want to still use a blow-dryer, make sure your heat setting is set on low or medium and make sure your nozzle or concentrator is on.Summer
  3. Mask it: Masks penetrate the hair shaft in order to repair it. Try using a mask at least once a week and after any day at the beach or pool. It will help to replenish any moisture lost or sun damage that occurred.Summer


  1. Get a gloss: Glosses are a great service to get whether you need to seal in a color, or looking to add shine back into hair that has lost it’s sheen.Summer


  1. Get into the salon to get a trim: Maintaining regular salon appointments is important when repairing hair from sun or color damage. It is important to get trims frequently to relieve hair of split ends and leave the hair looking fresh.Summer

Capitol Says Farewell To Clarice Zomer


Clarice Zomer

Capitol says farewell to Clarice Zomer

With over forty years of service to Capitol Schools as a Cosmetology Instructor, Clarice Zomer began a new life journey, starting with a well deserved retirement.

Capitol was founded in 1923 which means, Clarice was employed for half of Capitol’s existence. Working in any career for that length of time, is unheard of these days. That just goes to show the level of dedication that Ms. Zomer has to this industry and to Capitol Schools.

With an average of seventy-five graduates a year, Ms. Zomer has been instrumental in launching new stylists into the Cosmetology industry, to the total of around three and a half thousand people. That’s a lot of lives touched. When I say touched, if you’ve experienced the infamous Zomer hug, you know what I’m talking about.

On her last day as a staff member Ms. Zomer gave a speech to the last student body that she would have the pleasure teaching. Of course, in Zomer fashion the speech was entertaining and had props.

Some excerpts from her speech.

Capitol is a unique group of people and they are like a family. It is not something you can explain, it is only something you can feel or experience.

  • Clarice Zomer

Things that I’m going to miss.

  • Encouraging students, helping them set goals and being a cheerleader.
  • Formulating color and starting chemicals.
  • Watching students develop into successful stylists.
  • The receptionists. They are always positive and caring, as well as being the first impression that a client receives. Don’t ever forget that your best friend in the salon had better be the receptionist. They set the tone for each appointment and indirectly affect your paycheck.
  • Many of our very special clients, who have become like friends.
  • Always checking in with Cheri and Scott to make sure they knew that I was here in the morning.
  • Eating lunch with Cheri and the rest of the team.
  • Hugs! I’m a hugger, and I probably shouldn’t be, but that’s just the way I am. Just remember, when you give a hug, you get a hug.
  • Participating in community service as well as organizing things like, Open Door Mission projects, and nursing home visits.

Things that I’m not going to miss.

  • Going to students’ appeal meetings.
  • Snow days.
  • Asking students to get their hair done, their makeup on and what salon they are going to work for
  • Having clients or husbands yelling at me.
  • Filling the toilet tissue in the bathroom stalls, every time I’d go in there it was empty.
  • Cleaning tint off the floor on my hands and knees, and cleaning out tint bowls in dispense.
  • Cleaning color stains out of clients clothes for hours and hours.
  • Having to stay past 8 p.m. after the school is closed.
  • Getting up early.


When a student graduates from Capitol, they get a congratulatory announcement over the intercom system. Not to dismiss the fact that Ms. Zomer was finally “graduating” from Cosmetology school, she received her own special shout out.

The following Sunday afternoon, Capitol Schools held an open house inviting; staff, students, graduates, clients, friends and family to come congratulate her. Over two hundred people showed up and stood in a line that weaved through the front entrance, all the way into the parking lot outside. It was awesome to see all the years represented in the crowd.

When asked what she plans to do now that she is retired, Clarice said that she plans to travel a bit and stay connected to Capitol Schools.

We thought it would be interesting to share some of the comments from our Facebook Event Page

There will be no other like Miss Zomer! Thank you for your many years of service! I will not forget all your great teaching while I attended Capitol School and the support I have received from you in the many years to follow. Enjoy your retirement Clarice!

  • Carol Holaday Cole

Congratulations Ms. Zomer! You were my favorite! May the sunshine you always spoke of in color follow you everywhere!

  • Amanda Steiger Kirkpatrick

Congrats, to many years of producing top notch stylists! I still use the term “yummy” for certain hair colors.

  • Abbie Herron Thompson

Ms. Zomer is someone I will never forget! I’ll make sure to “have my lips on”.

  • Brenda Poulsen Myers

Congratulations Ms. Zomer! I just don’t know how Capitol will go on without you! I thank you for you sharing your education and wisdom with us all! I will see you there! Enjoy!

  • Jeannie Larson-Armendariz

Awww Ms. Zomer….. I can’t believe this day is finally here. I couldn’t have asked for better instructor while I was in beauty school. You always know how to keep us going with your great sense of humor and dedication to all your students.

  • Viri Sanchez (Alexandria)

Ms. Zomer, I was so fortunate to have you and so was my daughter Jessica! You are fun, witty and a classy lady! Great times at Capitol! I wish you a wonderful retirement!

  • Mary Jane Ingram

Today an icon of Omaha hair retired from Capitol School of Hairstyling and Esthetics. If you’ve had your hair colored in Omaha in the past 40 years, she’s probably played a part in your formula. She missed 4 unscheduled days off at Capitol in all that time. “Bubbly” is the first word most would use to describe her personality. Always a joy. She’s touched so many stylists, salon owners, educators, and clients’ lives through her education over the years; it’s surely affected something your stylist does. For over two hours straight they lined up to pay their respects and thank today. She’s on the short list of those that have dramatically made a difference in my education. Most on that list can no longer be found here on earth but in bits and pieces in mine and other’s work. Her words still ring true in my ear every time I mix a color. Thank you so very much Clarice Zomer. The likes of you we will not see again. Don’t forget to clock out!

  • Tom Sena

Capitol Loves Guest Artists

Guest Artists

Capitol loves guest artists.

Capitol loves guest artists!

Capitol has a long tradition of inviting stylists, salons and product companies to teach classes for our students. With great pride, a large number of these guest artists are graduates from Capitol Schools.


Having industry professionals engage with our school helps both the students and staff stays on top of the latest trends and techniques. It’s one of the ways we can stay in tune with what is current in our industry.


It also gives our students access to salon owners and stylists who may one day be their boss. This is a perfect networking opportunity, for both the salons and students.


Another benefit is that students can ask questions to find out what is expected of them once they graduate. Real time answers to their questions from the people that are in the trenches. They have the experience and know what the look for in a new hire.


One of our regular guests is Kirby Keomesay owner of Kontempo Salon in Omaha. He recently came in to teach and interact with our level four students. While showing the class how to achieve a modern “Lob”, Kirby talked about the things that make his business successful.


At Kontempo, new hires go through the assisting program. This program evolves as the stylist does. Starting out, stylists learn the reception process and assist the higher level stylists.


Something that sets them apart, is that a new stylist has time, dedicated to serving their personal clients, while in the assistant program.


Kirby mentioned that in any tech / assistant position, lots of questions should be asked. It is the only way to learn how things work out the way they do and it’s a good way to get into the mind of the senior stylists.


Katie Straw, a recent Capitol graduate, told students that while working at Kontempo she has learned quite a few new techniques. Mainly, some faster foiling procedures and doing a perfect blowout.


Kirby suggests, using different patterns in your highlights in order to keep it interesting and to keep others from replicating your work. He also believes that all services should be done in no longer than forty-five minutes from start to finish.


Another topic that came up in discussion was social media.


Kirby is a huge believer in utilizing social accounts like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat for major self promotion. Using these platforms to showcase your work can help to show your current clients what you’re capable of. It also increases the potential to gain new clients.  One of the best things about social media is that it’s free.


An interesting takeaway from Kirby is, when posting pictures, make sure to geotag your salon. Also tag clients, product companies, and trade organizations like Modern Salon on the actual picture. This puts your work out there in a big way and is more effective than putting their names in the comments.


Capitol is blessed to have so many graduates that are willing to come back and share. They all want to help our students start out on a successful path.


Who made an impact on you when you were attending school?

Who are You? A New Identity.


Who are you? A new identity.

Who are you?

A new identity.

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a new identity? What would you have to do to get one?

Witness relocation program…

Undercover police…

International spy…

What about signing up for Cosmetology or Esthetics School?

How does something like a technical school change your identity?

Good question.

When a student signs up to go to school, there is a possibility that someone who is already enrolled may share the same first name. This poses a problem when a client needs to make an appointment or when a tip is left at the desk. It also creates a situation in which multiple students with the same or similar name come to the desk when called for an appointment.

On the first day of school, students get to select a new name in order to solve this problem. It is always very interesting to see what names they pick for themselves. Sometimes it reflects their personality. Other times a favorite car, gemstone, state or family member. It can get real interesting.

Because these students are with us for a little over a year, their school identity becomes the name that we remember for life. There are the lucky few that get to keep their own name and so their after-hair-school-life is a pretty easy transition.

When we see them at annual hair shows and call them by their “school name” they always respond. However, it takes them back to their glory days in our program.

We have students coming from every walk of life:

  • The “I’ve always wanted to do this my whole life” person.
  • Professional career changes.
  • Former medical professionals wanting to help people in a different way.
  • Students with college degrees.
  • Students who decided college was not for them.
  • Just out of high school.
  • The seventeen year old that graduated early.

You can imagine the dynamic of such an eclectic group. But, that is what makes the world an interesting place.

In most cases, the following statement is true, “What you do does not make you who you are.” But what if what you do changes the lives of others. It wouldn’t be hard to have pride in that identity.

Humans crave relationship and as service professionals, we can provide that. When someone comes to visit, especially if they return for more services, we have the chance to open a door for long-lasting relationships.

We don’t just take care of their hair, skin and nails, we listen to them. Over time, we hear about their; wins, losses, strengths, weaknesses, weddings, births and funerals. They introduce us to their, spouses, children, extended family, friends, and co-workers.

If we’re in it for the long haul, we grow up and grow old together. It seems strange to think that this can happen from just one visit, but our loyal clients become a part of our lives forever.

Something we hear most students say is that school has changed them in some way.

We get to be image crafters, day makers and life changers.

This is who we are.

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Show Me The Money



Show Me The Money.

At Capitol, we strive to have our students graduate fully prepared and ready to excel in a salon.

With the commitment of the staff behind this mission, students have the potential to earn a great deal of money working behind the chair or in a spa.

We are proud to offer classes that aren’t just taught out of a textbook.

We’ve done the research to see what salons are looking for in a stylist. From that knowledge we constantly update and tailor our curriculum. Capitol makes sure we are sending our graduates into the industry, not only ready, but leaps and bounds ahead.

Our classes cover aspects of our industry that are relevant to current salon trends. Of course we still teach the basics. The foundations of all techniques have to be learned, to grasp the advanced training.

Some of the other classes that we teach are not industry specific, but relate to ensure they are successful.

One example is the Art of Design chapter.

It in this class that students learn about the principles of art and how to apply them to hair. It gives them a different perspective when providing services to each client.

Each and every time we cut, color, apply makeup, or create an Image, people ask for our advice. Our decisions must be based on the benchmarks of good design.

Another class that we are proud to teach is Foundations in Personal Finance.

This particular class is geared towards college students and was created by Ramsey Solutions. A company founded by finance guru Dave Ramsey.

This class teaches students; the importance of saving and investing, what debt is, how it is marketed and abused, the benefits of budgeting and how to create one.

Some of the specific topics are:

  1. The 7 “Baby Steps”
  2. Reasons for saving
  3. Understanding compound interest
  4. Benefits of a fully funded emergency fund
  5. Understanding what a sinking fund is
  6. What debt is
  7. Marketing traps
  8. Steps to get out of debt (debt snowball)
  9. Credit card vs. debit card
  10. Step by step account of expenditures
  11. How to find money leaks in income
  12. Financial priorities
  13. Envelope system
  14. Budgeting for regular and irregular income

It is our belief that, the individual who understands how to handle money will be an asset to an employer. When an employee has their finances in order, they are less likely to be the type to, “just show up for a paycheck.” Showing up because you love what you do creates a wonderful environment for everyone involved.

It has been said, “If you love what you do, the money will come.”

We show the students what to do with that money.

Just one more reason you should pick Capitol Schools.

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Excellent Training


Capitol Training

After completing an intensive eight week freshman training program, our newest level one seniors can finally say, “We’ve made it!” They’ve been subjected to so much information, a multitude of techniques and so many tests. It’s all over.


The next step in their training is to shadow the advanced seniors for a week. During this time, students observe the inner workings of the clinic, how it operates, where to find products and equipment. Being familiar with clinic operations will prepare them for the next stage of their hair school evolution, becoming seniors themselves. As seniors, our students get hands-on training in one of the biggest salons in Omaha.


As the tenth week approaches, nerves begin kick in. New seniors can be heard saying things to the instructors like, “I have a new client on Monday, and you’re going to be there the whole time right?”


On the day that they actually start to serve real clients, the training kicks in. Sure, there are still nerves and there are a few things that each student may need some guidance or assistance on. However, our staff is always blown away by the quality of work, the level of excellence and the dedication to perform to the best of their ability. I personally stand back and think, “I am so proud of these guys!”


It is so wonderful to be able to give directions to a student and know that it will turn out as discussed in the consultation. Although the first eight weeks may seem overwhelming at times or it may feel like a boot camp to some, everything has a purpose. This purpose is manifested every day on the clinic floor and in each one of our fifty individual stations.


The following eleven months of training are more like an on-the-job-training scenario. Our clinic operates like any salon in Omaha. The services performed are realistic, modern and up-to-date with the current fashion trends. The staff maintains a level of continuing education and advanced classes to make sure we stay on top of what’s happening in our industry.


We also bring in professional educators to train the students first hand. What better way to learn something than from the sources themselves. This also provides an opportunity for our students to network with big name industry professionals, making the connections that can shape their future. Many times the training is led by former students. It seems as if they love to come back when ever they can.


Capitol also has a career fair in which students are able to meet salon owners and managers face-to-face. This allows them to see what types of salons are looking to hire a new stylist upon graduating. Once again this provides another networking opportunity for our future professionals.


One of the biggest compliments to Capitol is when salon owners say they love hiring our students. One of the reasons is because Capitol we have a great reputation for producing skilled, knowledgeable and fashion forward stylists. Graduates are know for being more than capable and set themselves apart from the rest.


We set the bar high and we strive to achieve this level of excellence with each student. Making sure they are prepared for the salon is our number one priority.


Of course it is a team effort. The staff recognizes that each student lives up to and exceeds every expectation that is laid out before them. It is so hard, but at the end of the day, it is so worth it.


We all love what we do!


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Selfie Evolution



Let me improve your selfie

Selfie Evolution

While touring the Joslyn Art Museum, I stopped at a particular painting. It seemed to be a simple painting and I almost walked by it without giving it a second thought.


Rembrandt van Rijn (Dutch, 1606-1669), Portrait of Dirck van Os, ca. 1658, oil on canvas, Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska, Museum purchase, 1942.30

But then I went back. Staring back at me was a portrait of a man wearing a black coat. A white shirt was sticking out at the collar and around his wrists. In his left hand was a long wooden staff, maybe a walking stick. From under a small black cap, his gray hair stuck out, covering his ears. Hair of the same color covered his chin and lip in a fancy goatee. He seemed of importance, yet humble. Maybe his life had been good but had presented some challenges.


Someone painted this portrait for him. Maybe he paid the artist for the work. Now it sits in a museum in Omaha, Nebraska. The person forever immortalized, hanging on a wall for visitors to gaze and wonder what became of him. One picture representing an entire life of a man.


Near the portrait was a description of the man, and a summary of his life. Next to that was a pretty lengthy bio on the artist. The name of painter was Rembrandt Van Rijn. Maybe you’ve heard of him? He was acknowledged as one of the most distinguished portraitists in European art. His ability to paint images that revealed the character of the sitter was impressive. Capturing emotions, gestures and expressions made him very popular.


With his success, he was able to teach a number of students in his studio. People came from all over to learn from the best. Can you imagine, learning a craft to create such a legacy for a client. Painting one portrait, that would hang on a wall in a home. An image, embodying the life and essence of the person in the picture. For many this wasn’t even an option and so in the scope of things, it was rare that one would ever have the chance to be remembered in this medium.



Fast forward to today. With the snap of phone camera, a person can post a picture on the internet that is instantly shared and liked by one to three hundred people. If they are lucky, it could go viral. This means thousands of people will see or share this picture instantaneously. One second of a persons life and then it’s gone.


Until the next one… because that’s what we do now.


Instead of one picture for a lifetime, we now have a lifetime of pictures. Our camera rolls, news feeds and timelines are full of photo upon photo. What does that have to do with Cosmetology? Our work can literally be broadcast in a multitude of formats to thousands of people. In an instant, we can be seen, our craft validated by the click of a button. The images can be traced back to us, a voice heard in all the online noise. Much like in the Dr. Suess book, Horton Hears a Who: “We are here, we are here!”


The power of a picture, with the fuel of the internet can put you in the spotlight as frequently as you can hit the post button.


Cosmetology School Field Trip

Field Trip
Field Trip

Joslyn Art Museum

Some of the most memorable times in school center around field trips.

Why should hair school be any different? At least once a year Capitol sends our students to downtown Omaha, to visit the Joslyn Art Museum. Because of a generous contribution from Warren Buffet, admission is free which makes it easy for anyone to attend.


Cosmetology is a career field that relies heavily on artistic principles to create beautiful hair for our clients. We have an entire theory subject dedicated to art and principles of art. Also there are several practical classes that allow our students to exercise what they have learned, stretching their minds and capabilities. A trip to an art museum seems like a perfect addition to our curriculum.


Students will pick a particular piece of artwork and write a paper about why it inspires them. It is always interesting to see what piece each student will pick, revealing a little more about their personalities. There are various types of art that they can choose from such as paintings, sculptures and photography.


We hope students will appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating a masterpiece. This is a such great lesson, no matter what the medium. Whether an artist is working with oil, marble or strands of hair. Our goal is to have students look for things that will flip a creative switch in their minds. Then transfer that to their hands the next time they are molding and shaping the fabric that grows out of clients’ heads.

Field Trip

Georges Antoine Rochegrosse (French, 1859-1938), Salome Dancing Before King Herod, 1887, oil on canvas, Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska, Gift of Francis T.B. Martin, 1953.239

My personal favorite piece is Salome Dancing Before King Herod. The detail in this painting is amazing and I feel like I am actually in the room watching Salome dance for King Herod. I can’t imagine the hours spent on creating a painting, able to transport a viewer to a different place and time.

Field Trip

Edwin Lord Weeks (American, 1849-1903), Indian Barbers, Saharanpore, ca. 1895, oil on canvas, Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska, Friends of Art Collection, 1932.22

This piece always draws me in. A glimpse into the roots of our industry. Times have changed and we practice Cosmetology under different conditions, thank goodness. It is always interesting seeing what we do depicted in art.

Tell Us Your Stories



Tell Us Your Stories

When a student graduates from Capitol, we believe they can go anywhere and do anything.

Former students feel a strong connection to the school and often times stay in close contact with us. We love it when graduates come back to visit! It’s amazing to hear stories about all the places they’ve gone, and the opportunities that they have been able to participate in.

Here are some stories from some of our alumni:

I am a graduate of both the Cosmetology and the Instructors training program. After graduation, I moved to Chicago and worked for Pivot Point International world headquarters as an International Educator for many years. Next I moved to Washington DC and was Director of Education for Graham Webb Academy of Hair. This was at both the US and London campuses. I have worked in sales and marketing, was a photo stylist, worked on movies and theatre creating hair services. It has been awesome traveling the world thanks to being a hair designer. Currently, I am working as the National Sales Manager for Redken Professional in their Spa Division.

John Calabretto Graduate 1987


I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since I’ve graduated from Capitol. Time flies when you are having fun. I chose Capitol because there is no other school like it. The education I received from them is top notch and you will find it no where else. I’ve taught classes in numerous beauty schools throughout the South East and nothing even comes close to touching Capitol’s reputation and talent. I never have and never will regret my education from Capitol and am a very proud graduate. My experience at Capitol was one of the best times of my life. Granted, I was not the ideal student, but I turned out to be a pretty darn good hairstylist, if I do say so myself. What are some successes that I have achieved in my career? I’ve worked and done hair from coast to coast. I worked for Bed Head for about 6 years and was an educator for them as well as one of their Artistic Directors for their Scottsdale Arizona location. I have done numerous photo shoots, runway shows, and some hair for television. I recently graduated from the University of Arizona, with a Bachelors Degree in Design Technology for Theatre. I have designed numerous wig and hair styles for theatre productions. I am currently living in Los Angeles and working for Disneyland Resorts in their entertainment department working with their Pixar Play Parade. My future goal is to work with Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas working in their wig and makeup department. I’ve been very fortunate in my 15 year career and could not have done all of it without the help from everyone at Capitol. I’m forever grateful.

Beau Hamilton Graduate 2000


It is crazy to think that I graduated 12 years ago from Capitol. I have the best memories from my time there. After graduation in 2003, I worked in several salons, gaining experience behind the chair and making contacts in the local film and theater industry. To sharpen my skills and gain a foothold in the West Coast market, I moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in Makeup Designory (MUD). This is a school specializing in hair and makeup design for the film industry. After graduation, I stayed in Los Angeles, focusing my energies on developing film and theater contacts by volunteering for student films, aspiring photographers’ photo shoots, local ballets, and more. In 2008, nervous but hopeful that I had gained the knowledge and experience necessary to be able to freelance from my hometown, I moved back to Omaha. Since my return I have expanded my work to include hair and makeup for film, music videos, fashion and commercials. In 2012, I opened a boutique salon, The Cutting Room, where I accept private clients who generously encourage my freelance schedule and out-of-town film projects. I have worked on everything from a Lady Gaga music video; to Larry the Cable guy Prilosec commercials, as well as over 75 shows with the Broadway music Wicked and other Broadway musicals as well. I was able to do hair for director Alexander Payne on the movie “Nebraska.” It did well at many film festivals and was nominated for six Academy Awards. I cannot believe all of the wonderful projects I have been fortunate to work on. Capitol helped me build my skills and confidence to make it in this industry. I think of Mr.McCaig often and hope he would be proud.

Melanie Rose Smith Graduate 2003


He would be proud Melanie!

Mr. McCaig was Capitol’s Owner, Director & Lead Instructor.  He taught thousands of hair school students in Omaha over the span of 5 decades.  We’re working on a future article to celebrate the impact Mr. McCaig had on the beauty industry – both around the Omaha area and internationally!


What is your story?  Share your experiences with us:

Capitol Fashion Show

Capitol Fashion Show

Capitol Fashion Show

Capitol School has been on the cutting edge of fashion since 1923.


Every single day our student’s amazing work is on display throughout the city of Omaha. Many people are surprised to hear the reply, that a client’s hair was done at a hair school. We believe that the students should have a place to showcase their work. So, since 1987 students at Capitol have put on their own fashion show that really spotlights their creative skill.


Most of the work a student does from day to day varies from maintenance services to the extreme. These services are always started by and heavily monitored by our Instructors. Students can have as much input into these services as they feel comfortable giving.


However, on the day of the fashion show, it’s all up to them. Staff members are available to assist whenever needed but the students are so excited to do their thing. Another interesting aspect is that all students, no matter how long they have been in school can participate. Everyone always works together in an amazing show of teamwork.


Limits are pushed as well as the student’s stamina. We open the school around 6:30 in the morning to allow the early birds a chance to get first dibs at one of the fifty stations on our clinic floor. With an average of seventy-five cosmetology students, those who come in a little later, have to spill over into one of the classrooms.


The additional classroom is converted into a dedicated makeup room. This is where the Cosmetology and Esthetics departments join forces to put the faces on the models for the evening. This show is a total look production to include fashions that has to fit specific scenes. The makeup is so important to complete the looks.


After most of the work is done, everyone heads out to the Windsor Ballroom at Embassy Suites. In the past we used a couple of combined classrooms at our school, but the show has grown so big that it was necessary to expand.

Before the show can start, around two-hundred and fifty models are placed in order by scene. This is where the choreography begins. It takes about two hours to figure out how it should run and then get one dress rehearsal in. So much discipline and attention to detail goes into pulling this off and every year seems to top the previous.


Everything is usually finalized just before the doors are open to begin seating the guests. The past few years we have had in attendance, over six hundred people. The V.I.P. sections always sell out. Everyone seated in this area gets a front row view of the catwalk and a few amenities such as; table seating, a swag bag and drink tickets. If you were too late getting one of these seats, there is a preferred section that is placed in the first three rows in front of the general admission seating. It’s a great view for half the V.I.P. price.


The crowd consists of family, friends, clients, graduates, and industry professionals.  Salon owners have found that the show is a great networking opportunity. This is because they get to see the actual work of a prospective employee. Salon owners have been know to hire students on the spot based on how his or her models looked in the show.


Once the lights dim and the music starts; all the hard work, dedication, and creative energy comes to light. Models featuring everyday-wearable looks for men and women, long hair formal styles, Avant Garde as well as editorial make their way across the stage and around the room for everyone to see. As the first model walks out onto the catwalk all the way until the very last, guests are blown away by all the talent.


As staff and Instructors, we are so proud of this entire event. We are more proud of each individual student. Without their time and effort, there would be no show.


If you have seen or participated in our show then you know what I’m talking about. Pictures don’t do it justice. If you haven’t been a part of our event, then now is the time!

This year’s show will take place:

Sunday December 6, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

Windsor Ballroom, Embassy Suites

Ticket options:

VIP $50

Preferred $25

General Admission $10

You can purchase tickets here!