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New Photos and Video! Check out our updated Gallery!

More photos and videos to be added soon! Recent additions include the newscast KETV Channel 7 ABC News did to cover our students’ recent work on an Omaha Magazine photo shoot. The photo shoot was for a Bridal spread to feature traditional bride and bridesmaid and a more modern, non-traditional pair of bride/bridesmaid. Local hair and makeup experts (Capitol graduates themselves) as well as Capitol Instructors were on-site to lend a hand. Check out the April/May edition of Omaha Magazine for the completed photos!

We dropped our mani/pedi prices!

Long Wear High Quality Nail Polish

For only $15, Go ahead, spoil yourself :)

Capitol has dropped their mani and pedi prices down! $15 for a Manicure / $20 Pedicure !
For $5 more per service, receive a Spa version which includes a Vanilla Orange exfoliation scrub & a cooling mask. Spa manicures also include a paraffin dip!

The price you pay for your nail service even includes your own take-home bottle of the highly acclaimed, highly innovative Vinylux Polish from Creative Nail Design(CND) which in itself is a $10 value!  Esthetics Instructor Airiel Bailey blogged about this great new polish here.

But don’t just take our word for it, the following article from Beauty Editor Michelle Villett explains the greatness of this new must-have to accessorize your look:

CND, the makers of Shellac, have just come out with a polish that’s basically meant for those of us whose nails tend to chip within hours of that last slick of top coat.

Okay, they don’t specifically say that, but the new Vinylux Weekly Polish System definitely lived up to its name for me. Which is borderline miraculous because I usually get, like, a day or two out of a manicure. (This is why Natacha and Rikki are the resident nail girls here at Beauty Editor.)

The “system” consists of just two products (which are sold individually for $12 each): the Weekly Polish and the Weekly Top Coat.

You might notice there is no base coat. That’s because you don’t need one. (Booyah!) You just apply two coats of the non-staining, self-adhering Weekly Polish directly onto your bare nails and then top it with the Weekly Top Coat, which is specially formulated to prevent yellowing while protecting your nail colour.

Call to book your appointment today: 402-333-3329 x 0

Now for the biggie innovation: there’s no UV-curing step either. The Top Coat contains a light-sensitive polymer technology that increases its chip-resistance and durability as your nails are exposed to indoor and outdoor light. That’s why it’s billed as a seven-day nail polish. It even dries super-fast (the whole process takes just eight and a half minutes!).

You know how there is usually not a lot of colour choice with Shellac (and the ones they have frankly aren’t what you want)? Not the case here. There are a whopping 62 shades to choose from.

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Vinylux Long Wear High Quality Nail Polish

Long Wear High Quality Nail Polish

St Patty’s Day – New Cosmetology Class, Same Magical Feeling

We are very excited to  have a new class of students beginning their Cosmetology careers with us today!

Being in Admissions, I get to be the first one from Capitol to meet each of these individuals, and I am always blown away by their stories.  Some of our students come shortly after finishing college or a short stint in college.  Many others have put their dreams on the backburner for years to work in a career that may pay well, but not necessarily bring them happiness.  Many of our students have overcome serious medical issues to attend school, in fact, we’ve had several cancer survivors start school after winning their battle.  We get a lot of students from every walk of life and it’s very fulfilling to help them with their first steps in this industry.

I have recently been given an amazing opportunity to help these students in a different way.   Beginning this past January, I’ve been helping in the classroom as  a Student Instructor.  It is AWESOME!  Our teachers have the greatest job in the world!  It is so impressive to watch someone progress from day 1 through the end of their Freshman Training.  (Little background info on our program:  Cosmetology students are given intense training weeks 1 through 8, and the 8th week is testing week, so we really throw a lot of information at our students in a relatively short amount of time.)

Our last class began January 6th and through a lot of hard work and training, they have passed our rigorous practical exams and are ready to work on clients.  In fact, they’ve been taking clients all of last week and today they’ve been booked solid with cuts, colors & highlights.  Now, each client is a chance for the students to hone their skills.

Today also marks a day we’ve got about 40 past graduates in for an academy through Aveda.  The stylists attending the academy range in experience, some graduating just last year to others with over 25 years of salon experience.  It goes to show you never stop learning in this industry, which is part of the beauty of it.

Why Capitol?

Why come to Capitol?  What is the Capitol difference?  Hear what our former students have to say:

Aynsley Wernick, class of 2010:

Throughout high school I knew I wanted to live and breathe hair. I went into school with a positive attitude and rocked it out. 13 months later the day came; I was official. I am currently working at Scissori’s Salon and Skincare Loft alongside Tina Spencer. She has so much to offer and I have learned a lot already. Being truly passionate about what I do, I am quickly climbing the ladder in the industry. I have big dreams of being a well-known hair artist for fashion. Thanks to Capitol, I know I will be successful. Thank you everyone that crossed my path and for everyone who pushed me to be the best!

Maggie Swartz, class of 2009:

I started at Capitol in the beginning of 08′. After looking at many schools I chose capitol because I heard it was one of the top hair schools in the nation. I moved from Illinois to be able to attend. Capitol is definatly of higher quality education and is not for everyone. You need to have a strong passion for hair and be ready to work hard and have the instructors push you. Capitol is stricter than a lot of schools but it helps you obtain vital work habits to make you successful such as, being on time and dressing and looking professional. After graduating in 09′ I worked for a wonderful man, Seth Revord who helped me learn what it meant to be a good business women. He taught me the basics of what a successful stylist is. I owe a lot of my success to my teachers at Capitol and to Seth. I know I wouldn’t be where i am today without their support. Currently I have been doing hair less than 2 years and am purchasing my very own salon at the end of this month! I hope this helps future students in their decision and perhaps ill be hearing from some of you in the future for potential employment!

Janet Klein, Esthetics class of 2009:

As a Licensed Massage Therapist of 15 years, I was looking for a new way to provide exceptional service to my clients. Enrolling in the Esthetics program at Capitol was the best way to accomplish that! In only 6 months I was able achieve the training I needed to expand my business and introduce new services to my already accomplished massage therapy practice. My clients loved the new addition of esthetic services!

Kristy Briggs, class of 2010:

I’m so blessed to have graduated from Capitol…Thanks again for everything!! You guys really prepare your students for the industry..I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Capitol Alum Kirby Keomaysay wins $100,000 on Hair Battle Spectacular!!

***Update: Kirby “Nostradamus” Keomaysay was chosen as the winner of the grand finale of Season 2 of Hair Battle Spectacular.

Congratulations Kirby!!!!!!!!!!

8/22/2011: Check out 2006 Capitol Graduate Kirby Keomysay battle it out on Oxygen Channel’s Hair Battle Spectacular.

Kirby can be seen Mondays on the show at 9pm on Oxygen channel 244

Check Kirby’s bio here:

Go Kirby!  We are so proud of you!

Upcoming CE classes offered at Capitol

January 9th:  Vintage Bridal Updo, 10am – 5pm, $150

February 14th:  Salon Styling Essentials, 10am – 5pm, $25

March 13th:  Collection Cutting, 10am – 5pm, $175

March 13th:  Collection Color, 10am – 5pm, $175 (these classes are actually ½ day – participants will switch workshops @ lunch)

April 3rd :  Hair Color Systems, 10am – 5pm, $0 (participants are asked to pay a $25 deposit which will be refunded unless they don’t show for class)

April 4th:  Hair Color Solutions, 10am – 5pm, $0 (participants are asked to pay a $25 deposit which will be refunded unless they don’t show for class)

To register for classes, contact Aveda’s Centralized Booking Team – 1.800.283.3244