I transferred from another school in the area and there was a vast difference in my experiences between the other school and what I got at Capitol. I really appreciated them accepting me into their program. I am now working at Creative Hair Design & as a regional educator for Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics.

When I decided to go to Cosmetology School, I checked out several schools in the Omaha area and found Capitol to be, by far, the most impressive and professional. I also called the top salons in Omaha and asked them which school they would recommend, and they always would say “Capitol.” The educational experience at Capitol was very positive and inspirational. I’ve always loved doing hair, but found it even more fascinating once I was at Capitol. I would recommend Capitol to anyone who is truly interested in the art of hair.

Throughout high school I knew I wanted to live and breathe hair. I went into hair school with a positive attitude and rocked it out. 13 months later the day came–I was official. I am currently working at Scissori’s Salon and Skincare Loft alongside Tina Spencer. She has so much to offer and I have learned a lot already. Being truly passionate about what I do, I am quickly climbing the ladder in the industry. I have big dreams of being a well-known hair artist for the fashion industry. Thanks to Capitol, I know I will be successful. Thank you everyone that crossed my path and for everyone who pushed me to be the best!